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If you think you may be suffering from Low-T call one of our hormone specialist’s today for your free phone consultation.

Get Your Labs Drawn At Our Clinic

Insured? – The cost of your blood test is included in your initial consultation. A simple blood test will help determine your T levels.

Review Your Results With Our Doctor

Once we have your results back, typically within 2-3 days, our testosterone therapy doctor will review your labs with you.

Start To Feel Alive Again!

We will order your prescription and deliver it straight to your doorstep. After approximately 6 – 8 weeks you should start to feel the results.

Feel like a man again with bioidentical testosterone therapy

Bioidentical testosterone is on a molecular par with the testosterone produced by your own body.
Bioidentical hormones can be compounded to match the exact dosage your body requires.

Testosterone Therapy – The Benefits

Increased Energy

Most men feel so much better after starting their testosterone therapy. You will likely find that testosterone therapy bulks up your muscles and makes them stronger, improves your energy, stops depression and moodiness and helps you sleep. You might even lose that spare tire around your gut, since an increase in belly fat is linked to low testosterone levels.

Increased Libido & Sexual Performance

Testosterone therapy boosts libido, bringing the spark back to your sex life. Low T treatment has been found to reduce erectile dysfunction, resulting in stronger, more satisfying erections. It’s also been found to trigger the desire for sex. Many of our patient’s partners are happy about the changes they see in their partners.

South Florida’s Premier Men’s Health & Wellness Clinic

We have two convenient locations in South Florida. Our Boca Raton testosterone therapy clinic is centrally located at Mizner Park, and we also have a Delray Beach clinic.

Our skilled team of men’s health specialists are on hand to help you revitalize your mind and body, increase your energy and help you to overcome your male health issues.

Whether your suffering from erectile dysfunction, lackluster libido, or fatigue, our team of medical professionals will guide you on the road to optimal health. Our medical doctor is a male hormone replacement specialist who understands the unique health issues faced by men.

Suffering from Low-T? We can help. Call us today for your free phone consultation.

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